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Pro Scraper™ – Kit M

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Pro Scraper™ – Kit M

The WRD Pro Scraper system offers the safest standard in pinchweld preparation. The finest razor blades designed for the task with a convenient diamond sharpening solution in a compact packaging make this systems to be the top choice for the auto glass technicians.
  • Features 2 packs of 5 Moon Blades (5pcs 16m and 5pcs 20mm)

Kit Contents

  • Scraper Tool - WRD-SB
  • #400 Diamond Sharpening Stone - WRD-SS153
  • #600 Diamond Sharpening Pen - WRD-SP130
  • 12mm Stingray Blade for SB16 - WRD-SRB12
  • 17mm Stingray Blade for SB16 - WRD-SRB17
  • Scraper Tool Case - WRD-SKPB
  • 16mm Moon Blades - WRD-M16
  • 20mm Moon Blades - WRD-M20

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Offers the safest standard in pinchweld preparation. Features two Moon Blade™ 5 packs.

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