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M6 x 16mm Phillips (Set of 4)

Orange Bat tool frame screws
  • Countersunk with flat top
  • Set of 4pcs

M5 x 14mm Phillips (Set of 4)

Orange bat rubber pad screws
  • Countersunk with flat top
  • Set of 4pcs

Scraper Tool

  • Ergonomic, non-slip handle
  • Aluminum shaft with quick-change collet

WRD – Black Bat – Kit 300 K

Special edition cutting fiber line removal system celebrating auto technician excellence around the world. The WRD Orange Bat system has been designed from the ground up to provide the most optimized panel removal experience.
  • Provides safe and efficient auto glass panel removal
  • Limited time run of our popular system
  • Dual spindle design
  • Cordless drill or hand crank operation via top connection
Ships free to US and Canada

Kit Contents:

  • Orange Bat Assembly - Black Edition - WRD-OBA-BLK
  • Cutting Line Threader - Black Edition - WRD-T-BLK
  • Pick Tool - Black Edition - WRD-MP-BLK
  • U Bit - Black Edition - WRD-UB-BLK
  • Install Stick - Black Edition - WRD-IS-BLK
  • Spider Line PN96 (96m) - WRD-PN96
  • Hand Crank 360 - WRD-HC
  • Dash Protector - WRD-DP
  • Cutting Line Dispenser - WRD-LD
  • Orange Bat Plastic Tool Case - WRD-OBPB
  • Instruction Manual
WRD Authorized Badge

Rubber Pad Filter

Replacement felt pad filter for the side release suction pad.

Spider 4 Bit

51mm 1/4" hex drive set for with Spider 4 system. Works with cordless drill or hand crank.

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Big Long

Bit Long

95mm 1/4" hex drive for use with Spider 3 and Orange Bat systems. Works with cordless drill or hand crank.

Bit Short

25.5mm 1/4" hex drive set for with Spider 3 and Orange Bat systems. Works with cordless drill or hand crank.
Bit Holder

Bit Holder

60 mm. For use with the WRD Spider removal system.


1/4" hex U shape bit. Used as a stopper for the Orange Bat spindle.
Positioning Assistant

Positioning Assistant

Dry set windshield aligner used with the one man setting system.
Extended Flexible Bit Holder

Extended Flexible Bit Holder

190mm. Bend-ability up to 20%. Use only on strongly curved glass panels and side glasses when the bit holder would not allow access to the tool connection.
Plastic Tool Case

Plastic Tool Case

Plastic shell tool case with foam inner liner for the WRD Spider removal system.
Quick Lock Bit Holder

Quick Lock Bit Holder

Provides locking system for cordless drill. Used with PRO6 lift glass handling cup.
Universal Wiper Arm Removal

Universal Wiper Arm Removal

Adjustable tool for quick and easy removal of wiper arms.
Easy Lift

Easy Lift

Excellent for nearly all types of wiper arm removals.
Small Clip Pry Removal

Small Clip Pry Removal

Simple clip removal tool for door coverings and covering clips.
Clip Removal Pliers

Clip Removal Pliers

Specially designed jaws provide easy removal of flush install clips and two part clips.
Pry Lever Set

Pry Lever Set

5 piece set made of polycarbonate materials. Use for safe removal of door panels, trims, liner, mouldings, etc.

Cutting Line Holder Pins

Must use accessory for windshield overhanging the pinchweld at bottom. (4pcs/set)
17” Tool Tote

17” Tool Tote

PRO6 system carry bag and organizer. 3 large center compartments with interior and exterior pockets.
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